Payment Types


    Unfortunately, you can not purchase a Gift Voucher using YouPay. 

    If you wish for someone to purchase a Gift Voucher for you, we recommend you to let them know to click on the top right corner of our website and checkout from there (AU ONLY)

    You can not buy a Gift Card with a Gift πŸ™

    *With all Gift Voucher purchases we do strongly recommend you to checkout using Paypal to avoid the security check process. 

    YouPay is a new exciting way to shop! 

    Sometimes it is tricky to buy the right gift for the ones we care about, so why not let them choose for themselves! For the young ones all the way to your partners, we are in this to create the future of shopping together. 

    Shop now and send your cart to another person with a single click using YouPay. 

    For more in-depth questions regarding YouPay please see HERE 

    *Please note this is only available for Australian Customers currently! 

    Yes we do! 


    Through BitPay, we accept the following: 

    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    • Ethereum (ETH
    • Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)
    • Dogecoin (DOGE)
    • X5 USD-Pegged stablecoins (GUSD, USDC, PAX, DAI and BUSD)


    *Stay tuned, we have more coming!

    Sale tax rates vary between each state in the US, you'll see the costs in your order summary! 


    To abide by the law we do have to follow these guidelines, unfortunately this is completely out of our control and we cannot alter these charges


    *Sales tax rates differ by state, but sales tax bases also impact how much revenue is collected from a tax and how the tax affects the economy.

    TCN gift cards are any that are given to you that have "HIM, HER, TEEN or KIDS" located on the front! 


    They are a third party company who we participate with which you can redeem only in our Culture Kings Stores.

    Unfortunately once your order is placed we cannot change the method of payment.


    If you do need to make a change of payment we would need to cancel and refund your order so you can replace your order correctly. This can only be done if your order has not reached the packing stage with our packing ninjas!

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Promotions & Discounts

    You are more than welcome to return your G-Shock watch as long as it aligns with our Returns Policy. 

    If you received the free G-Shock Wall Clock during the promotion, in order for your return to be accepted, this must be returned also. 

    If the wall clock is not returned, we will send the watch back to you. 


    Australia Returns
    New Zealand Returns

    You can find all the answers to your questions about our Xmas guarantee, in our terms and conditions below: 






    Merry Christmas! 

    Our NFS free gift incentives can only be claimed when spending a minimum amount on a single purchase! This is a small token to say thank you for shopping with us 😁


    NFS products are while stocks last so we try our hardest to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of being eligible to claim. 

    We often run some awesome offers where you can score deals like 3 for $120 or 50% off!

    Only selected items are included in sales like this so if you find your cart isn't discounting when you have added them to your cart first check your items are apart of the sale.

    All items that are included will have banners like the images below to help you make the best choice! Once you add eligible items to your cart the price will discount for you.



    **Please note that sometimes not all colours or teams in a particular style are included in the sale**

    Tokens are only given for in store in every $100 you spend.

    Unfortunately online purchases are not offered holy grail tokens.

    We have a dope range of set bundles where you can save $$ on your purchase and are perfect for gifts!

    If you have concerns regarding returning items from a bundle see HERE

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Security Process

    We want to make sure your info and money is safe when shopping with us, sometimes we may need you to provide some extra details before we can have your order approved and shipped.

    In some cases you may be asked to send through one or more of the following documents, nothing to be worried about, but we do want you to be safe when sending sensitive info so here is a quick guide!


    1) Drivers Licence OR Utility Bill

    The name on the ID you provide needs MUST contain the shipping address on your order and the name on the credit card you used as well.

    2) Alternative email address OR phone number

    3) Screenshot of Transaction

    This just needs to be a screenshot or image of the transaction pending or debited from your account. We don't need to see any personal details, just the date the purchase was made and the amount of your order being paid to Culture Kings (see example below). You are more than welcome to cover up any other transactions not made with Culture Kings, your account number, balance etc. 



    We care about our customers and the protection of their money.

    All online retailers receive fraudulent transactions, which causes both us and the innocent parties much inconvenience and distress. We have a security system in place that flags orders which details need to be confirmed. Don't be alarmed if this is you! This may simply be because your card does not match the new address you have just moved into.

    Our team will contact the cardholder and simply confirm details with them to ensure it is the card owner that has placed the order and not an online thief! Once details are confirmed, orders are resumed and processed as normal.

    In no way is this process intended to discriminate, offend or inconvenience our customers; we genuinely want our customers' details to be secure when shopping online :)


    All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our Payment gateway provider database where the information is kept confidential. Culture Kings is a Google Trusted Store.  

    We care about the safety of our customers! Culture Kings may require further verification of your order to ensure that orders are authorized by the cardholder.

    Don't be alarmed if this happens to you! We check 100's of orders every single day and orders can be selected for various reasons. We only need to cross-check info that you have entered when placing your order.

    Sometimes our security team may need to contact you via phone or email to confirm some details about the payment of your order before it can be shipped. Sometimes we also need some extra like a proof of purchase to be sent through to verify your payment as well.


    The security of your information and money is really important to us, so in order to keep our customers safe, we perform 100's of security checks every day.

    Don't be alarmed if this happens to you, we just need a little more info to validate and confirm the payment of your order so we can have it shipped.

    Our security team will contact you via email or text requesting some additional information from the cardholder. This will include:

    1. Drivers Licence OR Utility Bill showing the billing address on the order
    2. A screenshot of the transaction from your internet banking (or banking app)
    3. Alternative email address OR phone number

    Please note, any documentation you are sending - you are welcome to cross out anything that is not relevant to Culture Kings. We just need to see the transaction amount/date/time, cardholder name & address. Keep in mind, we aren't asking for any new information that we don't already have or any extra payments!  We're just wanting to cross-check this purchase and confirm that you (the buyer) can supply this information to us directly.

    If you purchased with express/priority shipping - your order will only be delayed if we don't hear back from you right away. The sooner we hear from you, the quicker we can verify your order and get it shipped! 




    When you have placed an order with Afterpay and are wanting a refund, the refunded amount all depends on the current status of your Afterpay payments.


    The total amount of the instalments you have paid will be refunded. Any instalments you have not yet paid will be cancelled.


    A) If you have paid 1 x instalment of $50, then $50 will be refunded and the remaining 3 X $50 instalments will be cancelled.

    B) If you have not paid any instalments, then no amount will be refunded and all instalments will be cancelled.


    Please note: We can not pause Afterpay payments. Afterpay instalments will need to be continued to be paid until your return has arrived back to us and has been processed. 


    *All online orders made through Afterpay cannot be returned in-store- you must return this back to us by completing a return through our online portal by clicking on the country you purchased your order on


    Sometimes it does take a few minutes for your Afterpay order to generate into our system.


    If you still haven't received an order confirmation from Culture Kings after an hour please reach out to us HERE and send us a screenshot of your Afterpay order details and we can investigate further! 

    The Afterpay number (Located at the top next to 'Online') is how we will be able to link this to your order 😊



    Afterpay is a buy now, pay later service offered to Australian customers.

    To be eligible to use Afterpay, you must;

    1. Live in Australia
    2. Be at least 18 years old
    3. Have a valid and verifiable email address and mobile phone number
    4. Use a valid Australia bank payment card to make a purchase
    5. Be capable of entering into a legally binding contract
    6. Have less than $1000 in your shopping cart

    Please note: Afterpay cannot be used to purchase gift cards, music tickets or limited releases

    For more information CLICK HERE

    If you are experiencing technical difficulties on Afterpay, as much as we want to help you this is not something we can assist with, please get in contact with Afterpay directly πŸ™


    We are unable to accept payments for Gift Vouchers via Afterpay.

    Afterpay unfortunately can not be used to purchase another form of credit.


    Afterpay is separate from Culture Kings and has its own criteria for approving purchases. If your purchase is not approved through Afterpay it could be one of the following;


    -Your order is over $1000

    -You already have a few Afterpay plans in progress.

    -You have overdue installments from other Afterpay orders

    -Afterpay isn't able to approve the amount of your order

    -You are not on the correct Culture Kings website- If you have an NZ Afterpay account you would need to shop on our NZ website for Afterpay to be available.


    Please note: Afterpay cannot be used to purchase gift cards, music tickets, or limited releases

    If your issue is not something that can be solved from the above, we recommend to reach out to Afterpay so they can further investigate for you. 




    Afterpay is available on majority of our items but unfortunately we are not able to offer Afterpay on some limited release or hyped shoes when they first drop online.

    You can still use Afterpay to grab these shoes in store though!


Buying A Gift Card

    NFS items can only be claimed when redeeming your voucher if you're spending the minimum requirement


    Unfortunately, when purchasing a Gift Card this doesn't make you eligible for NFS

    Unfortunately not sorry! If our team do come across this, your order will automatically cancelled and refunded. 

    This also applies to gift vouchers being used to purchase our NFS Packs. 

    All gift cards are valid for 3 years from the date created. 

    Unfortunately not! Once a gift card has been purchased, it is non-refundable or redeemable for cash. 

    Our online vouchers should be sent out within 24 hours! (usually in under 4 hours)


    In the event, your order has been selected for a security check your order may be delayed until the security check has cleared or until we have received the necessary information. If our team reaches out to you, please get bask to us asap!


    To avoid this process and to receive the Gift Voucher faster we do recommend checking out using Paypal as they have their own security process. If you do not have a Paypal account, that is fine as you can check out as a guest πŸ‘


    For further information on our security checks CLICK HERE

    No, you don’t have to use the full amount of your gift card all at once. The remaining amount will stay on the gift card and can be used at a later date on other future purchases until your value runs out! 

    Gift Cards have an expiry of 3 years from the date issued. 

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Issue With My Gift Card

    Gift vouchers are treated like cash so we can't convert these over unfortunately however you can definitely print off your digital voucher and gift it, it looks a little something like this: 



    When checking out, place your voucher code into the Gift Card section and hit β€œApply.”




    Sometimes a gift card needs a bit of extra love before generating!


    If it hasn't hit your inbox within 24 hours of your order being placed - it may have slipped into your junk/spam folders. However, if it still hasn't arrived - reach out HERE and we'll investigate for you!

    We do recommend using Paypal to check out to avoid any Security Check flagging as they have their own Security process. If you do not have a Paypal you can check out just as easily, being a Guest!


    Gift cards are treated like cash and lost or stolen cards generally can not be replaced.


    Please CONTACT US HERE with your name and receipt/order number and our team can see if anything can be done.


    • Double check you have entered the code correctly! Sometimes digits and letters get mixed up. (EG 'I' and '1', 'O' and '0')

    TIP: If you have been sent a digital voucher, it is best to copy and paste the code directly


    • All purchased gift cards can only able to be used on our AUS website. If you are on our NZ or US website you will need to switch to our AUS site.


    • If you have used a partial amount of the gift card in-store, then the remaining amount can only be used in-store


    If you are still having issues, CONTACT US HERE with an image of your gift card so we can assist 😊

    Yes! You can add more than one gift card code at check-out.