General Info

    We are more than happy to check out the stock system for you in your chosen Store!

    Please fill out a request HERE. Select "I want to see if an item is in stock" and enter in what item you're wanting us to check, as well as the store you are after - from there our Customer Experience team will let you know our stock availabilities. 

    For the ease of both parties to ensure the correct information is given, please send the product code, size, and color of the item. The product code can be found here: 


    All refunds usually take between 2-5 business days for the funds to reflect back in your account.
    If you are an Australian customer and have already sent the package off you can apply for an instant refund HERE

    If you don’t see the refund clear after 10 business days, feel free to contact your bank directly and/or reach back out to us. We're here to help!

    If you have lost your receipt our team will be able to obtain this, given you have all the information below:

    Please contact our team HERE with the below information:

    1. Date of purchase
    2. Approximate time of purchase
    3. The exact amount of purchase
    4. Store purchased from 
    5. Items purchased

    In the event a product is listed at the incorrect price, we reserve the right to cancel your order after the acceptance of your purchase.

    When we become aware of any error or inaccuracy, we will correct the error accordingly on our website as quickly as possible and inform you of the canceling of your order.

    In no way does Culture Kings intend to mislead or deceive our customers.

    We appreciate your understanding.  


    ProtonMail is an encrypted email service!

    Unfortunately, a few fraudsters have ruined the use of this service, so as a result, any orders placed using a ProtonMail email address will be automatically canceled and refunded by our security system. 

    We recommend using an alternative email address so we can have your order completed and shipped out to you.

I'm Trying To Place An Order

    If a Pending Transaction was made to your card but your order didn't go through there are a couple of factors that could have made this happen: 

    1. The ZIP Code on your billing address was entered incorrectly 
    2. Insufficient funds 
    3. Your CVC number was entered incorrectly 

    There's no need to worry though! The payment in your account will stay pending and then bounce back after 24 hours as your money was never captured by us. 

    *If you haven't seen that payment bounced back into your account after 5 business days, please reach out to us with a screenshot of the Pending Transaction so we can further investigate.

    If you are having trouble completing your order using your credit/debit card it is important to first check you have the funds available in your account.

    Once you have confirmed the funds are available please double-check the following;

    -The card number, name and CVC code (back of card) are correct and as they appear on your card.

    -Your billing address is correct.

    -Your bank has not imposed a limit to the amount of purchases you can make in a 24 hour period.

    -For international purchases please ensure your card is enabled for use international use.

    -All other details for shipping/billing are correct.

    - The amount you are paying on the card is more than $0.50 as there is a minimum limit 

    Unfortunately, our stores do not have the facilities to ship products to our customers, and the only way would be to physically visit the store.

    It is something that we're working on in the near future so stay tuned! 

    Culture Kings do not hold the items in your cart. If you have added an item to your cart there is an opportunity for other customers to check out with this product before you do.

    To avoid disappointment, we recommend checking out as soon as possible. 




I've Placed My Order

    Our Customer Experience team operates 7 days a week to work through all requests! If you are emailing to request a cancellation or change in your order, this will not be confirmed until our team has responded to you.

    So that we can honor your request, we highly suggest to give us a call and quote your order number as well as your ticket ID number so we can try fix this on the spot! 

    *Please note that once your order has been dispatched we cannot make any changes to your order.

    AUSTRALIA - 1300 CKINGS (1300 254 647)

    Monday to Friday 7am - 9pm AEST

    Saturday to Sunday 9am - 5pm AEST


    NEW ZEALAND - 0508 CKINGS (0508 254 647)

    Monday to Friday 7am - 9pm AEST

    Saturday to Sunday 9am - 5pm AEST

    Unfortunately, we cannot combine orders. Once they have been placed no changes can be made as they are both separate orders amongst thousands of other customers orders.

    Please ensure you've checked any alternate emails you may use plus your junk and spam folders in case the automatic notification has been sent there. You can mark us as SAFE as well so that you won't miss a beat from us in the future!

    Still no luck finding this one? 

    1. Double check your junk mail or spam folder. Sometimes our emails can pop into there.

    2. If you still can't find it, check the funds have been debited from your account (And does not say Pending).

    3. If funds have been debited then please contact our Customer Experience team HERE with the email you used, shipping address, the exact amount of the purchase, and the purchase date.

    'Unfulfilled' means that your order is still yet to be dispatched!

    Our team is still working on your order and as soon it is completed, this status will change to fulfilled and you will be sent your tracking details.

    If an order has been Partially Fulfilled, please ensure to check your junk mail as we may have reached out to you regarding an issue with a single item. 

    This could have happened due to a number of reasons:
    1. Double check your junk mail or spam folder. Sometimes our emails can pop into there.

    2. If you still can't find it, check the funds have been debited from your account.

    3. If funds have been debited then please contact our Customer Experience team via email HERE with the email you used, shipping address, and a screenshot of the transaction.  

    *Often we find that there are slight typos in the email address used 

    AU: 1300 CKINGS (1300 254 647)
    NZ: 0508 CKINGS (0508 254 647)

    During sale periods items are expected to be changed from deals suddenly due to stock levels.

    If you do see an item that you originally saw for sale and it is now not on sale, we are unable to redeem the sale price of the item.

    We recommend checking out quick to avoid disappointment 🙏

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Changing My Order

    Please call our team ASAP and quote your order number to see if we can get this done for you!

    1300 CKINGS(1300 254 647)

    0508 CKINGS(0508 254 647)

    *We can not guarantee we will get to emails fast enough which is why we recommend you to call instead! 

    Our team can still make changes to your shipping address if your parcel has not been sent out. You will need to give us a call ASAP so we can change this before your order is packed and dispatched!

    If you have already sent us an email we encourage you to give us a call so we can get onto it sooner, please quote your ticket number so that one of our Customer Experience agents can alter this for you on the spot!


    *Unfortunately, once your parcel has been fully packed or left us we can no longer make any changes, you will need to contact your local postal service to attempt to redirect the parcel. 

    We are unable to add or change items in your order once placed, it will have to be fully canceled and replaced. 

    Give us a call ASAP and we can attempt to complete this request!

    AUSTRALIA - 1300 CKINGS (1300 254 647)

    Monday to Friday 7am - 9pm AEST

    Saturday to Sunday 9am - 5pm AEST


    NEW ZEALAND - 0508 CKINGS (0508 254 647)

    Monday to Friday 7am - 9pm AEST

    Saturday to Sunday 9am - 5pm AEST

    *If your order has already been dispatched we won’t be able to issue you with a store credit/refund until your parcel arrives back to us. If you need to return your order please click HERE.

    We can't make a change to your billing address once your order has been finalized, unfortunately, however, this won't have any effect on the shipping and delivery details, as your order will be shipped to the shipping address you have provided!

    The only thing this affects is possibly being pulled up in a Security Check to verify your identity. 

    Once an order has been placed we can not change your shipping option or take additional payment to upgrade your order to express.

    We are unable to adjust single items. However, we can cancel your full order so that you can place the new one correctly. 

    Please give our team a call ASAP to see if we can cancel your order before shipment!

    AU: 1300 CKINGS (1300 254 647)
    NZ: 0508 CKINGS (0508 254 647)

    We can only attempt to complete this if it hasn't reached the packing stage. 

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Issue with my order

    If your parcel has been marked as delivered with FedEx but you have not received the parcel, please see below the step-by-step guide, on how to report the package as missing. 

    1. Open your Australia Post tracking and click "Track delivery with International Carrier"


    2. Click the arrow next to "Manage Delivery"

    3. Click "Report Missing Package" and follow the prompts to lodge this case.


    4. Once you have lodged this case, please reply to your current email thread with your case number, so we can do the same with Australia Post. From here, we expect you to forward any correspondence from FedEx to us and we will do the same from our findings with Australia Post. 

    If you have not yet reached out to our Customer Experience team, you can do so HERE

    When a transaction is authorised, it is confirming to the merchant that your card is valid and there's money in your account to pay for what you're buying.

    The transaction amount is then taken from your funds that are available and the transaction will show as pending on your account until the payment process is complete.

    Please ensure they aren't two separate transactions, one saying 'Pending' and the other the authorized transaction.

    If you feel this isn't the case, and both transactions have gone through, then please send through screenshots so we can investigate further with a ticket submitted HERE

    Because we have thousands of customers on our website at once looking at items, this means there is always an unfortunate chance you may both purchase the same LAST item. 

    This is a common thing that can happen with any online order to cause an oversell which means only one person can physically receive this item! This is not chosen personally but systematically allocated.  

    Our team will reach out to you if this is the case to get it sorted and we do apologize for any inconvenience caused 🙏

    Oh no! Let's get this sorted for you ASAP. 

    Please lodge a ticket and provide the below information: 

    1. Photo of the fault and the soles of the shoes. 
    3. Let us know the fault with the shoes. 
    4. Let us know if the packaging was a satchel or a box. 


    Lodge a ticket HERE under I HAVE ANOTHER ORDER INQUIRY and then I received a faulty item. 

    It sounds like this parcel is being returned back to our warehouse! 

    Usually, the only times where parcels are sent back to us is when: 

    - There is an attempted delivery
    - The parcel is not collected from the Post Office 
    - The address was incorrect
    - The Addressee has denied the parcel 
    - There is a Recall by Culture Kings
    - The Courier deemed the address not suitable for delivery


    Submit a request HERE, select 'I have a shipping/delivery enquiry', then choose 'my order has been returned to sender' and follow the prompts for our customer experience team to assist you!

    In the case you receive an incorrect item, please fill out and submit a request HERE with Images of the Items and the Tags attached.

    From there, one of our Customer Experience agents will be able to investigate and resolve this for you ASAP! 🙏


    *If you have an open investigation with one of our Customer Experience Specialists, please allow up to 3 business days to have an outcome for you!

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Issue with an item

    Wear and tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of wear or aging.

    Our CK team will always try to compensate our customers when a product does not meet quality standards. The only time we can not accept a faulty return is when a fault falls under 'wear and tear' or 'misuse of a product'

    Our team will take into consideration the following when assessing a faulty claim:

    1. Time-frame which has passed
    2. Has the product been misused?
    3. Has the product voided its warranty?
    4. Current quality condition of the product
    5. Type of fault
    6. Washing method


    For store purchases, you will need to head back into the store so that they can rectify this for you.

    If you are not located near that store anymore, please send through the following information HERE

    • A copy of your store receipt OR proof of purchase 
    • Clear photos of the faulty item

    From here we can have this investigated and come to a resolution for you ASAP!

    Please check your emails first! Our team may have tried to reach out to you in regards to an issue. 

    If you are missing a hat, In order for us to be more eco-friendly and to reduce our carbon footprint, our packers pack up to 3 hats per hatbox. If you haven't already please open this up to check it isn't hiding underneath!
    If you are missing a small item such as jewelry or socks, please check inside hat boxes and bags as often we put them inside.

    If you have not been contacted and you find you are missing an item from your order please fill out and submit a request HERE or you can message us on Facebook or Instagram.
    From there, one of our Customer Experience agents will be able to investigate and resolve this for you ASAP!

    Our black Culture Kings hat boxes are for extra protection in transit and our team will fit up to 3-4 hats inside one box. Unfortunately, we do not ship out one box per hat. 

    *Please note that if we do run out of stock on the Black CK hat boxes, our dispatch ninjas will pack your hat/s safely inside white CK parcel packaging