Raffle Releases

    You can find in-store Raffles for Hyped Sneakers such as Jordans and Dunks HERE.

    For In-store Raffles, you must enter prior to the Raffle being drawn. Often these are open 2 days prior to the countdown and will be available to be entered until exhausted or 11 am on the day of the draw. 

    If you are not present when the raffle is done and your name is drawn, your win will be forfeit. 

    For further information on How to register for In-store Raffles watch below: 


    To avoid disappointment we recommend entering the Raffle prior to the day it is drawn. 

    I am sorry to hear you are having issues logging in to your EQL account for Hyped Releases! 
    Please ensure to reach out to their Support team as this is a 3rd party company we don't have access to their systems. 
    Good luck with your Jordan/Dunk raffle entry! 

    Each release is individually drawn, so it's definitely possible but not common to win more than 1 style of shoe. 

    *You can only enter once per sneaker style

    Our raffle entries open between 2-3 days before the actual release. 

    All Jordans are now raffled via our App, so make sure you DOWNLOAD HERE here so you don't miss out on future drops! 

    We've moved towards raffles for releases that have very limited stock available as this allows a fair chance for all our customers to get their hands on a pair!


    This is also to help our security team combat bots and resellers.

    Winners only will be notified via email and SMS to confirm that an order is being created for you!

    Another way to see if you are a winner as well is to check your bank statement, if the funds were available at the time EQL haves tried to take payment and they have been deducted it means that this was successful

    *EQL will attempt to take a payment from 9am AEST, if the funds were NOT available at the time, they will automatically cancel your entry and choose another winner at random

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A Little Bit About Us

    We stock the leading local and international streetwear brands, known and recognised around the world for their exclusive designer products and world-first fashion trends. We stay ahead of the pack at Culture Kings, and are the first to stock dozens of new brands that grow into global streetwear giants.



    Culture Kings are the leaders in designer Streetwear and custom collections that blend together the very best of music, fashion, and sport. Our cutting-edge Streetwear brands define the next big thing in street culture and fashion – stay ahead of the game with our world-famous streetwear apparel, headwear, footwear, and accessories.

    Find out more HERE 


    Come in and see for yourself exactly why all the best athletes, musicians, and celebrities shop at Culture Kings.

    Find your nearest store HERE.

In Store Appearances

    Whenever your favorite celeb is in town, they head to the closest Culture Kings Store.

    CLICK HERE to see who has dropped by! 

    We have lots of celebs and sporting stars drop into our stores for in-store appearances - just check out our hall of fame!

    All information for an in-store appearance will be added to our social media pages when the details are confirmed, so keep an eye out for any upcoming events.

Exclusive Releases

    Make sure to Join the Culture Kings Discord by clicking HERE! 
    We have some exciting plans for the future, so make sure you are a part of the community to not miss out! 
    To be safe, please ensure you have DIRECT MESSAGING turned off and do not pass any information through here. Culture Kings will not have any second account to the original, so be cautious of any scam accounts and ensure to report so we can keep this a safe place for everyone. 

    Let me guess - you purchased these expecting magic but it's not as simple as it looks?

    Don't worry, we have you sorted! 

    Please watch the video linked below and attempt to set it up following this method (skip to 4 mins for the actual setup)

    If you feel that you are having issues still setting this up, please reach out to our Customer Experience team via Facebook or Instagram with your order number and a video of the fault so that we can troubleshoot this for you. 

    Unfortunately, you must have the required amount of funds in your account immediately. If you have received an email saying you have won but the transaction failed, this win will then be forfeited to the next customer in line. 

    To avoid disappointment please always make sure your account is ready for this win 🤞

    If you have entered the Raffle for a pair of Jordans or Dunks there are two ways you will know if you have won! 
    1. You would have received an email stating if you have won or missed out. Sometimes these may be sitting in junk mail or may be delayed. 
    2. Most importantly you will see a transaction in your bank account for this win! 

    You will receive your order confirmation within 24 business hours of this win. 

    We will not receive the Winners list from EQL until 24 hours from the drawn time (Business days not including weekends and Public Holidays). 

    If you are wanting to cancel your EQL Hyped Sneaker (Jordans/Dunks) win please call us on the below: 

    AUSTRALIA - 1300 CKINGS (1300 254 647)

    Monday to Friday 7am - 9pm AEST

    Saturday to Sunday 9am - 5pm AEST


    NEW ZEALAND - 0508 CKINGS (0508 254 647)

    Monday to Friday 7am - 9pm AEST

    Saturday to Sunday 9am - 5pm AEST

    Unfortunately, we can not cancel the raffle entry for you, you will need to do this on the EQL website under your account. Simply login and click into the Jordans/Dunk entry and cancel it. 

    Alternatively, ensure there are no funds available in your account on the day of the raffle so your win is forfeit. 

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NFS Gifts

    If your NFS gift hasn't been added to your cart, and it isn't on your order summary please complete a request HERE under the "ORDERS" category and one of our Customer Experience agents will be able to assist you ASAP!

    Our NFS promotions are legendary so we don't want you to miss out but please note that these free gifts are subject to availability. Should the Free gift have sold out, we will try our best to hook you up but there will be occasions where we do not have it available. 

    *Please note that only ONE NFS Tier is eligible per order. 
    e.g If a customer spends $2000, they will be eligible for the $1000 pack ONLY. (Not x2 $1000 NFS packs)

    We reward our customers for shopping with us, with limited edition Not-For-Sale (NFS) merchandise. NFS at Culture Kings has become iconic, growing in both popularity and value over time.


    To be eligible, you must spend over the required value in one transaction. You will not receive the NFS item if you spend the required amount over multiple orders. 


    NFS promotions are while stocks last so double check your cart before checking out to see if you can claim your gifts! If you don't see any gifts at the bottom of your cart, there's a high chance we are completely sold out at the time.


    Customers must add the NFS items to their cart before checking out! 


    Our NFS items are legendary so to make sure you don't miss out on your NFS item it is important to make sure you add these to your cart before you checkout.

    Once your cart value reaches the required $$ amount the items you are eligible for will be available to add to your cart.

    If you don't click and add the NFS item to your cart it will not be included with your order. Due to high demand, we can not guarantee we will be able to send NFS after your order has been placed. 


    ** Please note NFS is only available to single orders, if multiple orders have been placed we can not honor these together as it is eligible per order. 

Work With Us!

Let Us Hook You Up!

    Occasionally we have special offers, make sure you are signed up to our VIP list and follow our social media accounts!

    For any promotions, you will have the option to claim your free gifts at checkout.

    We also have a dope range of set Bundles and Deals where you can save $$ on your purchase and are perfect for gifts!

    We love to hear great stories from our Culture Kings Customers! If you are wanting to share a great experience, please leave a Facebook or Google review and this will be seen! If there was anyone in particular that helped create this experience please make sure to name drop so they can get recognized.


    If you have not had a great experience, then please send us through your feedback HERE.

    Here at Culture Kings, we pride ourselves on our customer service, and if we have not met your expectations then we would love to hear from you and be given the chance to make things right!

    Please reply 'stop' or 'unsubscribe' in Facebook messenger to opt-out from our messages.


    "Bye Felicia!" - Ice Cube